Do you deliver and set up?


Yes, we do! We deliver and set up all inflatables in the East Valley. We deliver to Gilbert, Mesa, Apache Junction, Queen Creek, and Chandler. We insure that your unit is clean and in great working condition well before your party starts. At the end of your party, we come back to take it down. Set up takes about 10 to 15 minutes and take down takes about 15 to 20 minutes. This service is included in your rental cost


There are some areas that require a $20 trip charge. If you are in the Johnson Ranch area or Ironwood and Ocotillo area, you must include the trip charge. Some parts of north Mesa must include this too. Please call or email if you would like verify if your area has a trip charge. Sales tax is added to all orders. All of our units hold up to 1000 pounds, so adults can jump in them too!


What are the rules for using Jump 'N' Party units?


Each customer will receive a paper copy of our rules at time of set up.

Here are the most common rules for our units:

  • Adult supervision is required when children are in the units.
  • Flips are NOT allowed. 
  • All participants MUST remove their shoes.
  • Absolutely, no silly string, food, or other sticky substances are allowed in the units.
  • No sharp or pointed objects allowed in or around the units.


What type of surface can Jump 'N' Party units be placed on?


The safest surface is a level grassy area. However, we can set up on concrete, asphalt, and dirt. If you choose to set up on dirt an extra cleaning charge may apply. Please specify which surface you will be setting up on when you make your reservation.


How do I make a reservation?


There are two ways. First, you can call in to place your order by calling 480-600-1895. You will need a credit card to hold your reservation. We do not actually charge your card but we authorize your card to hold the rental. We collect payment at the time of delivery and set up. There is a $25 cancellation fee if you do not give us at least 72 hours notice of your cancellation unless it is due to weather.


The second way to place your reservation is to go to our reservations page by . After we receive your request, we will contact you by the phone number you give us and through your email address.


What kind of power is required?


Jump 'N' Party units plug into a standard 110 household outlet. We will supply the extension cord up to 50 feet. We ask that nothing be plugged into the outlet we are utilizing. If you would like to set up a Jump 'N' Party unit at a park or place without an electrical outlet, let us know and we can arrange to use a generator for an additional charge.


What happens if it is raining or there is bad weather?


At Jump 'N' Party we use common sense when it comes to weather. During periods of severe weather conditions (RAIN, HEAVY WINDS, ETC.) we reserve the right to cancel your reservation. If conditions are not too severe we will give you the option of keeping the unit. If you decide to keep the unit for the term of the rental, there will be no refunds if we do have to pick it up the unit early. (Cancellation fee does not apply due to weather.) For emergencies ONLY call 480-388-9087.


Does Jump 'N' Party do large corporate events?


Yes! We have worked with the Southeast Diamondback Little League, Matt Williams Baseball, Chick-Fil-A, the Town of Gilbert, Gateway Pointe Elementary, Edu-Prize School, Canyon State Academy, Camelot School for Performing Arts, Emergency Restoration, and many others. We do events whether they are small or large. We look forward to doing your next event!